“Nanchatte Seifuku” A Rising Popularity Amongst Tokyo Girls

It isn’t that bad, Natsuru!

“Nanchatte Seifuku”, or literally translated as “just kidding uniform” is a kind of fashion that is increasingly popular between girls of Tokyo. As many would know by now, Japan is the hub of many strange and unique fashion, and this particular “just kidding uniform” is no exception!

For a long time now, school uniforms are usually a symbol of education and many students can’t wait to take them off (you know you want to) as soon as school ends. Nanchatte Seifuku, on the other hand, is the complete opposite of what students usually do!

Nanchatte Seifuku has been on the streets from the 2002 and has since been getting more and more popular between the girls of Tokyo. The fashion trend isn’t as obvious as the other trends though and can only be spotted by the very observant ones. As it’s name suggest, nanchatte seifuku is just simply your everyday uniform, although these uniforms does not belong to any school or any institution. Majority of these nanchatte seifuku are actually uniforms that are customized by their owner and for most of the time, they are the casual wear for the many girls that are into this particular fashion.

Choosing your own uniform from such a variety can be a daunting task! [Via 47 News]

Each uniform is not cheap, however. An estimated average for each set of customized uniform usually goes between 50,000 to 80,000 yen and almost any part of the uniform could be customized to suit the buyer’s needs. Be it a blazer, shirt, skirt, socks or even ties, all of these are completely customizable, as long as the buyer’s wallets or purse holds.

And apparently, nanchatte seifuku is so popular that several stores that deals exclusive in school uniform-like apparels have opened around in Tokyo, and competition between them are fierce. Not only that, even an event that brings all the customized uniforms together for selling has been put up and it’s organizers are expecting more of such events in the future.

While some might be put off, mentioning how uniforms aren’t supposed to be everyday’s casual clothing and stuffs like that, it’s undeniable that school uniforms are starting to lose their origin meaning. Maybe by a few more years, we might just see all sorts of funny school uniforms around the streets, just like how anime series gets all those ridiculous uniform for their high schools!

Via: JapanTrends.

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