Neptunia Sequel: Neptune mk-II Announced!

Compile Heart opened up a teaser website here a couple of weeks ago, and it doesn’t exactly tell us much. However, it certainly did not stop people from guessing what Compile Heart is teasing, even with just “NPG” as a hint!

Well, if anyone had been thinking of a Neptunia sequel since the announcement of the teaser, then they are right! Neptune mk-II (mark 2), although not officially announced yet, is more or less confirmed to be the game that Compile Heart is teasing about.

Preliminary information leaked from Dengeki Playstation has revealed that the game, “Choujigen Game Neptune mk-II“, is currently in development for the Playstation 3 and the scenario of the game will be done by Natsumi Iwasaki. Other information includes improved graphics and 4-man battle parties instead of the 3-man in the first game.

The countdown on the teaser site expires on Thursday, so we can look forward to more information after the game’s officially announced.

Apparently, the game has the whole portable theme going on, if “NPG” is any indication, so we are going to see a whole bunch of personified portable gaming consoles in Neptune mk-II. Not that I would complain or anything, Neptune is full of adorable characters!

The game is expected to make release sometime during late Summer in Japan, with Compile Heart offering both normal and limited editions, of course with a different price tag on the editions.

What great timing though! I had just recently started playing Neptunia, and it’s pretty damn fun!


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