New Code Geass Project Revealed & In Production!


If you’re a fan of Code Geass and have been wanting more after the ending of the R2 sequel, here’s a little piece of news to make your day!

Bandai’s mobile phone website has started hosting a particular image that looks extremely curious for many Code Geass fans. The image reads as:

“New Code Geass Project Green-Lit!

More Information in 2010!”

Not much other information is revealed in that image. It is also mentioned that Code Geass will be under going some sort of “rebirth” with the new project, and the Geass will take a new step starting today. And to end it all, a huge ZERO was signed on the bottom of the image. Sound sinister?

While I’m not one that had watched Code Geass, to have a series going through a “rebirth” is really something to wonder about. What could they possibly mean by rebirth? Could the new project be a direct sequel or simple a spin-off? I guess we’ll only know when more details are revealed!

Via: ANN.


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