New Code Geass Project’s Information Revealed!

Many of you might have heard of the new Code Geass project that was announced sometime ago, but there was barely any information pertaining to that. Well, here’s a new bunch of stuffs, although there’s still barely any information!

Dubbed as the “resurrection” of Code Geass, the upcoming Code Geass project will seemingly feature some sort of 3 production phrase or something of the sorts. According to the magazine of Newtype, it’s highly possible that the content in the upcoming project will have little to no relation to the previous projects of Code Geass (although the characters still stays).

Of course, there’s probably more information in the following webpage, but as far as my limited translation skills goes, that’s about all I can get out from the page. If you’ve gotten any information asides from the ones mentioned here, please drop us a comment or two!


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