New D.C. ~Da Capo~ Anime And Visual Novel In The Works


If you’re a fan of the Da Capo series, you’ll probably find this as good news. Almost 4 years after the second season of Da Capo, don’t you think that it’s time that the series should get another season of anime?

According to the 10th Anniversary of Adult Game Studio CIRCUS (creators of Da Capo series) Premium Concert and Announcement event, it is stated that a number of projects are start officially started, one of them being a new D.C ~Da Capo~ anime. Not much details about the anime has been revealed at all, since the announcement had only mentioned that it is in the work, nothing more.

Asides from the anime, announced are the production of Da Capo III, as well as other little goodies such as porting of the Da Capo series to the PSP. For more information with regards to what’s announced during the event, you can check out the list below.

Here’s a list of what’s announced during the event:

(credits to ANN for translation)

1. Production of D.C. III [visual novel software] started.

2. All-new D.C. anime in the works

3. Sales of D.C. downloads green-lit, starting on November 20 [in Japan]

4. D.C. adult comic adaptation

5. Sales of D.C.if’s PC version green-lit

6. CIRCUS Tactics (tentative title)

7. Hatsunejima Mirai

8. D.C. series’ PSP-porting project launched

9. D.C. V’s official title green-lit

10. Production on D.C.Zero [visual novel software] in the works

Should be good news for any CIRCUS fans. Da Capo III will probably be more highly anticipated than the upcoming anime though.

Via: ANN.


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