New Look & Blogroll 2.0: Now Powered By Your Feeds!

A new look is always welcomed, right?

Artwork by: じゅん @ Pivix.

After the little scuffle I’ve gotten into when upgrading my WordPress version to 2.9, I’m glad that it’s (hopefully) finally over. As readers would know, there has been a change in the layout of NotCliche, for the better or the worst (although I hope it’s for the better) and I’ve taken this opportunity to implement one or two features that I’ve got in mind.

Obviously, one of the more immediate impression anyone would have is probably the change of layout. Skipping all the dramatic details of how I wrestled with this particular theme to make it look somewhat presentable, I hope the new layout will be easier on reader’s eyes, although there are still some changes to be made.

If you’ve got any suggestions on improving the layout and features of the site, please do drop us a comment or two. You can also contact us at the “Contact Us” tab at the top of the homepage.

Other than that, here comes the meat of the post. While fixing the layout, I was reminded of this Blogroll 2.0 concept that I’ve gotten from this particular site called austrian otaku. Realizing that it’s a good way to convert the static blogroll links into something else that is oh-so-much-better, I’ve taken sometime off fixing the layout to ponder on how to fix up this Blogroll 2.0 thing.

I can’t say it’s really an easy task to implement (since i’m a beginner in PHP and all), but hey, it works! Here’s the concept of the Blogroll 2.0, or Live Blogroll if you will.

All of the blogs on the original blogroll will be moved over to a particular page called the Live Blogroll. Live Blogroll is significantly different from the original one, as it will feature your latest posts through your feed instead of a static link. Up to a total of 3 latest post will be displayed at any one time, and the feed will be updated every 600 seconds.

All you need to do is to submit a comment or drop me a mail with these information and I’ll get you onto the blogroll ASAP.

  • Your blog’s name.
  • Your blog’s URL.
  • Your blog’s RSS Feed.

That should be it! Here’s hoping the new layout looks good on your eyes!

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