New My Wife Promotional Video Reveals Jiggly Bewbs

Another promotional video for “My Wife” has been released and this time round, the focus is on the game’ system instead of the characters like the first video. While many features of the game has been announced thus far, there’s quite a few new and interesting things revealed in the trailer.

The game is split into 2 parts — Lover and Wife parts. The parts pretty much explains for itself, Lover part being the time you spend in your school. After you’re done with Lover’s part, you move onto the Wife part and that’s when all the game’s mechanics starts to fall in place.


Based on the promotional video, there’s a variety of things you can do with your virtual wife. Talking, mini-games, sleeping beside you while talking and jumping to special events and all the likes. Apparently, the player could jump to certain dates (such as birthdays, vacations and all) to trigger certain special events. It’s noted that these events happens in real-time, so players will get to interact with the wife with a pretty… close to reality kind of… reality?

And oh, it would appear that “My Wife” features some jiggling boobs on top of the game. Still remember that one of the feature for the game is that you wife would drop by the bathroom to check on you? Well, you get to see a half naked wife in front of you, and strangely, the boobs will jiggle. Don’t ask me why, just have a look for yourself at 1:05!

Always keep the best for last, they say!

The video also shows some tidbits of the dressing up mode, although the particular part of the video is slapped hard with lots of “KEEP OUT” bars. Guess Idea Factory wants to keep the best for the last, although I would wonder how many people would truly be interested in the whole costume thing. Unless the costume which the wife dons has some effective to her personality or something…

“My Wife” will be released this 26th August for the Xbox 360. PS3 version? No announcement on that, but there’s according to the chibified characters’ announcement at the end of the video, it is mentioned that there’s some major announcement coming it’s way soon. PS3 players can probably keep their fingers crossed for that.

Via: Andriasang.

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