Nintendo 3DS’s Augmented Reality Targets Casual Audience

Augmented Reality is no new technology. Ever since it’s introduction, many devices have been using it to considerable success, particularly the Apple’s iPhone. With the release of Nintendo 3DS inching ever closer and the launch games of the 3DS being listed everywhere, one would have to wonder how would Nintendo, such a global-focused company, would like to appeal to a broad range of audience?

Games are good and all, and Nintendo has plenty of them, ranging from kid’s games to those which engages even the elderly to play their games. Despite that, the Nintendo DS hasn’t achieved that kind of results where Nintendo could appeal to the non-gamers.

Promotional video demonstrating the many usage of the 3DS.

Speaking at a recent talk with their investors, Nintendo Head Satoru Iwata had mentioned that the 3DS would hopefully be able to appeal to a wider range of audience with the usage of Augmented Reality in their system. To promote the usage of the Augmented Reality functionality of the 3DS, Nintendo Japan is packaging 6 different AR cards along with the system itself. These AR Cards, which contains “AR Games” would hopefully appeal to the non-gamers, allowing them to pick up games which otherwise would not interest them.

Other than through the usage of Augmented Reality, Iwata had also mentioned the possibility of attracting graphics enthusiasts using the Nintendo 3DS’s own special feature: glassless 3D projection.

Certainly, it’s incredibly clear that Nintendo is trying to appeal to a broad range of audience with the Nintendo 3DS. Looks like Apple’s iPhone, who has a clear domination of the Augmented Reality market, is going to have a run for it’s money!


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