Now Even Kojima’s On Twitter


Looks like the twitter craze never will end as Kojima has recently popped into Twitter for some community exchanges… as well as some talks regarding his upcoming game, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

Kojima says that it’s rather difficult for him to show the finer points of the game through videos, and using text isn’t exactly the best way for him to convey the information too. He states that, Peace Walker, just like Cameron’s Avatar success is simply because of the experience behind it. Text and videos aren’t able to convey these experiences to the players well enough, and Peace Walker can only be fully enjoyed when one does play it when it comes out.

Other than mentioning his upcoming games, he also mentions about the future of the MGS games in general. While Peace Walker is slated for the PSP (portable console, if you will), Kojima remarks that the portable market is not where Metal Gear Solid will be heading to. Peace Walker is a game for them to test the portable market. To think they would put all the effort into assuring others that Peace Walker will play like a numbered MGS game and then declare that it’s merely a test for them!

Kojima later tweets that he is more or less expecting greater games in the future as:

We’re not just rising vertically with development on next generation systems, but also horizontally, trying to expand gameplay.

Of course, all of these tweets might been some sort of defense against the recent talk about Peace Walker being MGS5, although I highly doubt it’s that case. Hell, even Kojima started out his first few tweets by stating that he’s a tofu! And oh, he has about 4.5k followers now too!

Via: Andriasang.

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