Nyan Koi! Promotional Video Streamed!

Nyan Koi! is one of the upcoming animes that will debut during Fall.

Recently, the official website of Nyan Koi had been updated with a promotional video that last about a minute. The video is accompanied with an opening, which is probably the opening for the anime itself. You can check out the video in this link.

In regards to the storyline of Nyan Koi, like it’s title had suggested, it’s about cats. Junpei Kōsaka, a second-year high school student who utterly despises cats has a crush on a girl who, unfortunately, adores cats. One day, on his way home, Junpei had accidentally offended a cat guardian and he was “cursed” with the ability to understand cat language. This however, came with a price as he has to grant 100 wishes from cats in order to make sure that he stays human.

Nyan Koi! will start airing on 1st October.

Via: ANN.


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