“OBJECTION!” Phoenix Wright Arriving On iPhones!


While Phoenix Wright would probably shout “Objection!” to anything else, I really doubt he would object to an iPhone port for his popular series called Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney.

There shouldn’t be much to be said about this game anyway, seeing that it has quickly gained popularity thanks to the ridiculous fact of allowing the player to control when he would like to “object” to a certain claim.

Definitely a Japanese-only port as of now, although it is mentioned that Capcom Mobile will be thinking of porting it to the western side. Hooray for the English-speaking community!

It should be noted though, that the port isn’t really just a simple porting of the game to another platform. It is said that the iPhone version of the game will make use of the iPhone’s functionality such as using a “flick” like method of input for certain command selection.

Via: Andriasang.

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