Oh, Kojima’s At It Again: “Piece Walker Coming Soon”


If there’s two things you gotta hate about Kojima, those are:

  1. Extremely talented story teller. His games probably contains more cutscenes than actual gameplay. (you can’t hate good story, though)
  2. Master of teaser. Loves to make you go round and round, speculate and grit your teeth while waiting for news.

Fortunately for us, the first one doesn’t apply for this… “Piece Walker”. Unfortunately for us, the second does apply.

If you’ve been visiting the Peace Walker’s site on Konami, you’ll notice that the front page now features some guy (let’s just assume it’s Snake, okay?) running around with a box on his head. Of course, you’ll also notice that there’s a speech bubble containing, “Piece Walker, coming soon…“. Oh, while you’re it, might as well download the PSP Demo, if you happen to have a PSP.

What is this Piece Walker? What does it mean? How does it looks? When will it release? When will Kojima ever stop doing all these?

Stay tuned to the next episode of Drago- oh wait, I mean… We’ll see, once Kojima deems it fit to reveal what this “Piece Walker” is about. I bet it’s a tactical RPG game of some sorts.

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