One By One, The Xbox 360 Loses Its…


Seeing her on the PS3 soon!

Games exclusiveness. The next rumoured game (although highly likely) to be adapted into the PS3 platform is the seemingly Xbox 360 exclusive Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope.

Titled as Star Ocean: The Last Hope — International, it seems that the “international” version will pack some interesting changes, although most of the changes are more or less the user interface changes. For example, the 360 version packs anime character portraits instead of CG in the international version.

You can view some of the observed changes in the link here.

The international version will also feature both English and Japanese voice over, as opposed to the version on the 360 which only features English version. Of course, other than voice overs, players wouldn’t need to worry about disc changes anymore, since one particular Blu-Ray disc is more than enough for 3 DVD-Dual Layer discs. This effectively removes away the need for swapping between discs.

However, it has indeed been long since the release of Star Ocean on the 360, so it shouldn’t really do much damage to the overall sales of the Xbox 360 in the future. But one must wonder that what’s with all some of the Xbox 360 exclusive titles such as Tales of Vesperia for one is moving to the PS3 for? Is the Xbox 360 losing it’s viability in the Japanese market?

One thing’s for sure though: the PS3 is gaining back it’s momentum.

Via: Joystiq.


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