OneManga Closing Down, Manga Publishers Finally Enforcing?

Is this the start for the end of web-mangas?

After several years of service, OneManga has finally decided to close it’s doors. Announced yesterday, OneManga has officially announced that due to the recent change of stance of manga publishers (who clearly doesn’t approve of manga scanlations), OneManga has decided to remove all manga from their site, regardless of it’s licensing status.

According to the notice that is shown to every visitor to the site, OneManga will be slowly removing content as the days go by, although they expect that all of the mangas listed on OM will be totally removed by next week. The main site will probably be removed, although the forums will remain as it is.

Just over a month ago, 36 companies of publishers had joined up together to form a group whose aim is to remove “unauthorized copies” — or commonly known as “manga scanlations” — from the internet. It’s not known if the group has contacted OneManga regarding the scanlations that it has for browsing.

Putting that aside, OneManga is probably one of the more popular manga sites around the internet. It’s pretty saddening to see it go, especially after taking all the years to build up the community that exists in the forums. Of course, there will be others to take OneManga’s place after it’s closed, but for how long?

Regardless, the fact of OneManga closing down is a sign. Are the manga publishers finally enforcing on the “no scanlations” from now on? Although there are still quite a number of manga sites around, but the question is: will they take the decision to close their sites too?

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