Oreimo PSP Game Gets Another Promotional Video

If you think Oreimo has ended a little tad too early, you might want to give the upcoming Oreimo PSP game a try. Yes, if you didn’t know already, Oreimo is getting a visual novel-esque game on the PSP platform, featuring original storylines, although it’s not known if the storylines are connected to the anime in any way.

Oreimo will be released on the PSP on the 27th January and will come in 2 flavours. A standard and limited edition would be offered, although it’s a given that the limited edition would have a whole lot more goodies than the standard edition. The limited edition features a DVD which contains special cuts from the anime! A perfect excuse for you to get the limited edition!

There’s also the inclusion of an “Imoutalk” DVD in both copies, so that viewers can learn how to talk like a little sister. Unless you’re actually getting your sister to watch this particular DVD, I’m pretty sure no one (especially themselves) wants to learn to speak like a little sister to… uh… who?

The main feature of the game is probably the usage of the Live2D engine. The engine allows fluid facial and body movements while rendering the characters out as 2D images, so in a sense, it can be considered something between 2D and 3D. You can check out how Live2D’s work in the promotional video above.

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