“Otaku Rebellion Army” Shirt Considered Sensitive At China Expo

We know China’s pretty sensitive when it comes to Japanese related stuff, and apparently, a T-shirt is more than enough to hold up a writer for about 40 minutes worth of questioning during the Shanghai Expo 2010.

Writer and education advocate Lucifer Chu (Chu Hsueh Heng) said he was detained by local authorities for about 40 minutes for questioning, simply because his T-Shirt had some sensitive words on it. The T-shirt is just a regular black (refer to top image) T-shirt with an imprint of “Otaku Rebellion Army” on it.

After being released, Chu made this particular statement:

“The police thought my T-shirt was sensitive and gave me another one… I urge Taiwanese people not to wear T-shirts carrying ‘sensitive words’ to the Expo.”

As much as it’s ridiculous for getting questioned based on a single T-shirt, one can’t blame the fact that “Rebellion Army” does have some kind sensitive meaning in it. Although the idea is simply harmless, the word “Rebellion” can cause misunderstanding to people, especially during a big event like the Shanghai Expo…

Via: AFP.

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