OVERDRIVE Guides You Around Japan With Their Visual Novel

Visual novel developer, OVERDRIVE, has recently released an all-ages, English visual novel game entirely dedicated to foreigner Japan visit experiences. Titled as “Go! Go! Nippon!“, the game is developed with the English audience in mind, providing both English and Japanese text in-game at the same time, allowing people who are interested in the languages to pick it up as they play the game.

Like all bishoujo visual novels out there, the game has their own set of heroines — a pair of sisters — whom the protagonist makes friends with on the internet and had decided to stay with them during his trip to Japan; all of these without the protagonist knowing that they are actually a pair of attractive sisters!

The two sisters that you’ll be following through the story!

The game promises to show some of the local culture in Japan, as well as the food, sights and more as the girls takes the protagonist (you) on several tours around Japan. There’s even some thrilling moments, all of which courtesy of the girls’ hospitality!

If you’re interested in visiting Japan before you actually visit Japan, you might want to grab this particular visual novel off MangaGamer for the PC platform!

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