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Let’s face it. Someday or another, you’ll end up with a baby, one way or another. Unless you plan to shut yourself in for the rest of your life… well, that’s another case.

It’s getting a little stale when you’re just holding hands, saying phrases of love to each other in an MMO and stuffs like that. I mean, the marriage system in some of the games are just plain boring and soon you’ll wonder why you had spend gabillion worth of game currency just to host some game wedding that would potentially bore you out in a matter of weeks.

Just a small warning: some images inside are NSFW.

MMORPGs survives on the amount of features they have in place, and a marriage system is bound to attract any couples into the game. Of course, like I’ve mentioned, a marriage system is extremely boring after awhile, so why not add a feature that no one else has in the market, such as allowing players to make a baby?

Sounds good? Of course it does! Equips you with the skills to be a parent in the future as well as other additional benefits such as being able to see you avatar nude in the shower or something like that. Not convinced? Check out Second Life then.

Second Life allows you to create your own baby, right after you’ve done the necessary steps (you know, sex and all) to make one. It’s not instantaneous too, the “woman” would have to go through the stages of pregancy and, well, eventually give birth to the child. Check out the screenshots for a clearer view:


Making love to each other.


Experience pregency… while watching your avatar nude.


Reap the joys of having a baby!

Of course, Second Life can’t be just the only MMO out there that is doing this. There’s like 84198162478164 different kind of MMOs out there, although most of them are just rip-off from each other, each featuring 1397126317964178 amount of same, yet renamed features. However, regardless if they are rip-offs or not, they are still kind of fun… in a sense.

Enter Fantasy Westward Journey, an interesting game to play if you’re into the whole “making babies” business. Unlike Second Life which requires you to do the exactly steps required of you in real life to make a baby, Fantasy Westward Journey requires you to eat GINSENG in other to your partner pregnant. And oh, you’ll have to be at the certain level in order to get yourself a baby. Sounds like a motivation drive?

Of course, the game isn’t that bad that you’ll have to eat ginseng continuously to get a baby, as most singles in the game are able to adopt a baby, although it is said that they would be more difficult to take care of. I do wonder about taking care of babies in such a game…


It shouldn’t be that bad, only that you’ll need to eat Ginseng to get babies.

Another MMO that features babies that you can raise in a normal way is Hot Dance Party. Like the name had implied, the whole game is somewhat related to dancing here and there. Again, unlike Second Life, there isn’t gonna be any fanciful getting it on kind of thing to get a baby. All you need to do is to get a female companion, then you’re all set to get a baby.

The feature in this particular game is that the baby is said to grow in the same manner as a real baby would be. While this is unconfirmed, I definitely wouldn’t want to raise a baby and dance at the same time. It’s like trying to eat while you’re swimming… or something like that.


Isn’t that sweet, the entire family is here.


Dancing babies too?

However, regardless of how the MMOs markets the game’s features, it still comes down to one point. All these AI controlled babies (or whatever you might want to call them as) are actually just the generic pets that you see in a wide variety of MMOs today.

Give them a humanoid model, and wham! You’ve got yourself a baby to call as a feature. Sure, it isn’t as impressive as it looks like, but at least you gotta give the developers the due credit on doing all these. Not everyone would want to think about the logics that powers a baby.

Now that you know you can raise your very own baby from these MMO, why not give yourself a try on being a parent and maybe get yourself pregant by eating ginseng?

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