PC Developers Reconsiders DRM Usage In Games


DRM makes XP-tan sad.

2008 had saw the largest anti-DRM ever, and this briefly prompted the developers to do something for 2009.

What can be expect in 2009? According to the article at Gamasutra, it seems that 2009 will be a relaxed year for almost every single gamer on the PC Platform, as two major publishers — Ubisoft and EA — have commented that they are loosening the DRM usage in PC games distributed these days.

The first move was done by Ubisoft, when there had been absolutely no DRM being shipped with the game Prince of Persia. EA has also announced that the upcoming Sims game, Sims 3 would also without any kind online authentication and that users would simply just need a CD-KEY to play the game.

While DRM is mainly used to combat piracy, many have agreed that it cannot do it’s job well. Not achieving it’s desired job is still acceptable, but many consumers who actually bought real copies of the game are usually subjected to massive limitation, which only makes the game a lot less enjoyable than it should be. Lots of alternative, such as adding value for buying real copies of the game have been suggested by gamers throughout the world.

2008 saw the largest anti-DRM movement as one of the most anticipated game in 2008 turned out to be the most pirated game in 2008. The excessive amounts of DRM in Spore had lead some gamers to pirate the game rather to buy it.

Of course, there are still companies who wants to use DRM, since they believe that it’s a reasonable response to the high piracy rate on the PC platform. After all, no security technology is 100% foolproof.

While DRM is mostly hated by PC gamers, it does ensure that publishers actually get the money that they deserve. You wouldn’t want to be buying a used game under the guise of a new box won’t you?

But with EA stating that PC is becoming one of the largest platforms ever, it seems that they will have to please the gamers first before they can start doing any decent sales.

Head over to Gamasutra for a 3 pages article about DRM issue!

Source: Gamasutra.

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