Peace Maker Kurogane Gets TV Drama Adaptation


Peace Maker Kurogane wasn’t exactly the most popular series around, but it had received plenty of attention for it to be adapted into a TV Drama Adaptation. Yes, that’s right. The Supernatural Samurai series will be adapted into a live action TV drama which is set to premier during January 2010.

In case you don’t know, Peace Maker Kurogane follows the story of a 15 year old boy named Tetsunosuke Ichimura as he tries to join the legendary samurai army called the Shinsengumi army. After death of his parents, Tetsunosuke vows to take revenge on his parent’s killers, while his older brother, Tatsunosuke decides to work as an accountant to make a living. However, during the course of being part of the group, Tetsunosuke has to face various challenges, as well as against himself.

The producers are also seemingly finding suitable candidates for the series currently. Both amateurs and professionals are welcomed, and the age range is between 15 to 39 years old. Seems like they are going to be loyal towards the manga, as they are using a teenager for the drama, instead of some random person trying to pose off as a 15 year old kid.

While I didn’t read the manga version of the series, the anime adaptation was actually quite nice. However, a live action would differ greatly from the other two forms, so one would really wonder how well executed the series is going to be like in a live action form…

Via: ANN.

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