Persona 2: Innocent Sin PSP Trailer Streamed

Altas has recently released a trailer regarding the upcoming Persona 2: Innocent Sin remake for the PSP. The trailer showcases a variety of new features introduced to the game, much like how Persona 1 was re-introduced to the PSP.

A map system while dungeon crawling, about 200 additional background music composed by Meguro Shouji, a revised battle system and a whole lot more, such as a “Theater Mode” and several more modes that are unrevealed as of now. The game features new artworks at certain game modes that are closer in style with Persona 3 and 4 too.

Many would argue that Persona 2 is probably the best Persona in the entire series. Or, well, could come as a close second to Persona 4, but Persona 2 definitely still has it’s charm despite the old age. With the remake coming and all, fans who had played both Persona 3 or 4 should actually revisit this old time classic when it comes out!


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