Persona 4 Anime Officially Announced, Countdown Restarts

If you’ve been following the countdown on the teaser site for the rumoured Persona 4 anime project, then you’ll probably know by now that the project has been officially announced several hours back. From the teaser site, clicking on the TV dial will bring you to the anime’s website; in case you’re lazy and all, here’s a link for you directly to the site.

The official website does not reveal much details regarding the anime project, with the exceptional of staff list and the characters of Persona 4. So far only 4 characters were revealed: Chie, Yosuke, Yukiko and Yu.

Wait, what? “Yu”? Whose that? Well, apparently the main character (referred as Souji in the manga adaptation) has a name change into a certain Yu Narukami in the anime. Before you dismiss that idea as yet another character entirely, do note that Yu is the name for the main character in the anime. I can foresee the fan-base arguing with each other regarding which name is canonical now…

Just another observation, but it looks like the countdown on the teaser site has restarted once again, with an increase to the calender number beside it. It looks as if the countdown is following the “days system” in Persona 4. Wonder when’s the foggy days…



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