Phantasy Star Online 2 PV & Screenshots

SEGA had announced Phantasy Star Online 2 back in September, but since then, there was barely any news about it at all. Well, the wait’s over, as 4gamer and SEGA has recently revealed more information (and screenshots) regarding the sequel of legendary game that had originated from SEGA’s own Dreamcast system!

SEGA revealed details about the game during an event held at Akihabara yesterday, showing off a promotional video (featuring the game elements) and several screenshots. In comparison to Phantasy Star Universe, Phantasy Star Online 2 is a significant improvement over it and any of the PS-series games out there.

Some of the more significant improvements includes a TPS (third person shooter) style that did not exist in the game prior to PSO2. Shooting mechanics tend to be clunky in previous installments of Phantasy Star, but Online 2 is bringing it to a smoother system, apparently allowing players to aim like any TPS-game would allow. Players can also use a feature called “Jump Action” to reach places for a tactical advantage, a feature that none of the previous PS-series games had.

You can find more screenshots of the game at 4gamer’s coverage on their site.

4gamer had mentioned that SEGA is planning a Closed Beta Test of PSO2 for Japanese players and it will kick off around Summer this year. Not sure if international users can try to hitch a ride or not, but I guess it’s still too early to say anything!

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