Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst!

With much thanks to Ziddy, the NotCliche Team decided to stay over at a MMORPG game, called Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst or PSO:BB for short.

The game is part of the Phantasy Star universe, and has been a popular Hack and Slash game on some of the SEGA consoles, such as Dreamcast and Gamecube. Blue Burst is just one of the many Phantasy Star games that has been released by SEGA.

One of the more recent ones is probably Phantasy Star Universe, but well… it has not much relation to what we have now.

If I didn’t remember wrong, PSO:BB has been active since 2000. It’s an online service that allows users to pit themselves against dungeons and more dungeons with a party of 4 players. Much like the other Phantasy Star games, each “section” is split between episodes, and Blue Burst offers up to episode 4, but with the lack of episode 3. This is because PSO:BB only offers up to Episode 2, but the PC version has an exclusive episode, called Episode 4.

Graphically wise, the game is rather primitive for our time, but hey, it’s the gameplay that matters. The game is so damn addictive that the graphics doesn’t really matter anymore!

Well, either way, after playing around with the controls and stuffs… the NotCliche Team decided to have some pictures taken!

(Click on the pictures to view larger!)


  • Netto as the Robot (or CAST), (Netto)
  • RevoX as the blue haired human, (RevoX)
  • Ziddy as the yellow haired human, (Ziddy)
  • Silencer as the purple female mage, (zomg trapz0rz!) (Moka)
  • Kronosfere as the black female robot. (zomg another trapz0rz! Loli too!) (Neesa)

While everyone is goofing around…

Only Moka didn’t do anything down there. SENTAI POSE!

Neesa’s shocked that everyone mysteriously “died”. And check out Moka’s black hole there.

Photographer lazing on the job.

And here’s a “family” photo, with everyone in their magical, colour and totally anti-gravity chairs.

As for the end of the picture taking, it must be noted that the official servers for PSO:BB has been closed down indefinitely. I have no idea why it is like that, but yeah, it’s down.

Currently, there is only two servers (privately owned servers) that are currently active. I’ll provide the link, registration details at the bottom of the post. No worries, since the official servers are already dead, it’s more of less legit to play on privately owned servers.

That’s all for “peaceful” pictures now. More screenshots on battles as we continue our gameplay! Stay tuned!

We are playing on the Ship “Don’t Panic”, BLOCK02. Be sure to join us at the same ship if you are playing, since the other ships might be buggy.


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