Phoenix Wright Returns in Ace Attorney 5

This week’s Famitsu reveals the return of Ace Attorney (hooray, no more investigations!) and Phoenix Wright as the rightful main character. Thank god!

Ace Attorney 5 will be worked on by Takeshi Yamazaki for the scenario side. Yamazaki had previously worked on Apollo Justice (ace attorney 4, for those who didn’t know) as the scenario writer, so we can expect a smooth continuation from the game!

Set 1 year after the events of Apollo Justice, Phoenix Wright is back in action as a Defense Attorney. For the first story of the game, we’ll see Wright defend a highschool girl named Shinobu, who is accused of causing an explosion in the courtroom against Winston Payne’s (remember that tutorial prosecution attorney?) younger brother who bears ridiculous resemblance to Winston himself. Wright himself will be getting a new partner who wears yellow and the magazine mentioned that she would be a key character in the game. But what about previous cast from Apollo Justice?

Famitsu had included 3 screenshots as to tease and give fans hints about the gameplay itself. Current speculations mention that the game will allow players to select various facial expressions during court session and mentions something about the silhouettes of targeted characters.

Ace Attorney 5 is a 3DS title, so naturally, the game will feature 3D graphics. While no release dates has been mentioned yet, the game will be made available in the upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2012 for demonstration.

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