Phoenix Wright Will Be Objecting In The Big Screens Soon

Capcom has just recently confirmed this: Ace Attorney will be making it into the big screens!

Currently, the movie is in production. There was some rumours and buzz going around the internet regarding a possible Ace Attorney movie being filmed, but there was no definitive confirmation of the existence of the movie. The movie was then officially announced over the official Japanese website of Ace Attorney.

According to early information, Hiroki Narimiya (right side of picture) will be acting as Phoenix Wright, Takumi Saito will act as Miles Edgeworth (left side) and Mirei Kiritani will be acting as Maya Fey (center). The whole movie is apparently directed by Takashi Mieki, who has quite a history with films ranging from ultra-violent, horror, bizarre to even family-friendly!

The movie is slated for a Spring 2011 theatrical release. Of course, unless you’re thinking about dubbing the movie, English fans won’t hear “Objection!“, but rather, “Igiari!“, which means Objection! in Japanese.

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