Playstation Home Hosts Macross F “Live” Event

If you’re both a PS3 owner and Macross fan, you’re in luck! Last week, voice actresses Megumi Nakajima and Aya Endo had recently announced plans for a “live” event of some sorts for Playstation Home. The concert will feature 3D rendition of both Macross F Divas, Sheryl and Ranka.

It’s unknown if the event is really live as per say, seeing how the IDOLM@STER event was dubbed as “live”, but wasn’t really live at all. The only live component was how Playstation Home was emulating an concert/event, and that the player’s avatar could be witnessing the event from there.

No exact date of when the live event would take place, but there are some speculations of a end-February date , just a little before second movie of Macross Frontier opens in Japan in 26th of February.

One could probably view this as a way for Sony to promote their Playstation Home. Originally aimed towards as a social networking space for PS3 gamers, Playstation Home hasn’t been extremely well-received by many gamers (simply because it’s too much of a hassle). Japan has recently start some collaborations between games and animes to hold “live” events such as this.

Do note that a Japanese PSN account is required to view the concert. Playstation Home is region locked, therefore any other accounts of the other region would not be able to access the event.

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