PlayStation Vita Tales News Coming Soon


From the same sources that have provided all those Dengeki PlayStation leaks, comes first hints at PlayStation Vita developments for the Tales series.

Dengeki had a Tales of Xillia interview this week with the series producer, Makoto Yoshizumi. During the interview, Yoshizumi revealed that the Tales Studio has started working on the next entry in the series — not surprising seeing that Tales of Xillia will be coming out this week.

Regarding Vita, Yoshizumi says that they have been actively thinking about developments for the series on the PlayStation Vita. He expects to be able to share with us some news shortly.

PlayStation Portable has already seen three Tales of the World Radiant Mythology games, so seeing the franchise itself on Vita wouldn’t be that surprising. Now, the question is whether Namco Bandai will bring the main ” mothership ” entries to the system, or just secondary offshoot titles again?



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