Pokémon Center To Be Built In Japan’s Tohoku Region To Provide Relief To Quake’s Victims

Just a random Pokémon picture if you ask me…

The Pokémon Company will be opening a new Pokémon Center( damn, at first I thought it was THE Pokémon Center.. ) in Japan’s north-eastern Tohoku region, which had been hit by the quake earlier this year.

The intention of this is to help to bring children together and help them to cope with the disaster.

The Pokémon Center will be it’s seventh of it’s kind in Japan. Each of these Pokémon Centers will sell Pokémon-related merchandise, ranging from games, to trading cards to clothing. This particular store is built as part of the ” Pokémon With You ” disaster relief initiative which aims to provide relief for the victims of the quake, as well as raise funds for them.


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