Ahahaha. My 2nd post!

Oh man and i was supposed to update every 4 days or so. Well was held back by excuses such as JLPT, violin exam, cameron trip, L4D, DS, Patapon 2.. Blah blah, you get the jist. Just came back from the cameron trip around 2 days and now I’m finally going to publish all the stuff I had wanted to publish before going to the trip all at once lol.


1st of all, JLPT. Just had my JLPT 3 recently on 7th Dec. Along with the rest of the people in the world who are taking it. And like the lazy guy I really am, I mugged most of it on 16th =P. Man, was it an interesting experience. First of all, it was at Nanyang Girls’ School. That place looks like a freaking resort.

When I 1st entered it I thought I went to the wrong place. Some fancy country club perhaps, just doesn’t look much like a school. Ok, let’s not comment too much on the school and say something about the paper too. What I heard from the people around me was a mix of “You will have to read up on your own to pass JLPT 3 if you’re taking it after the intermediate course.” and “It’s quite easy lar. Sure pass one.” After taking the paper for myself ( and mugging much of it only 1 day before), I’d say it’s a mixture of both, there were some portions in which I were stumped and some which I managed to mug in which wasn’t taught in the intermediate course at JCS. But other than the few questions, the rest were all doable as long as you paid attention in class. The part of the exam which was most interesting was probably the listening comprehension. True to what my friend said, most of the answers had to be inferred. There would be 4 objects in the image and 3 of the objects which are not the correct answer will be described, leaving the correct answer. It’s probably harder than the listening exams in JCS but I didn’t find those questions to be of much problem. The few questions I do have problems with are those which depict “daily life” situations, most of which I had a hard time trying not to crack up and start laughing as the situations were too drama-like and also there was a passage which I think was spoken in dialect. Other than that it was a rather long experience, spanning roughly 3 hours including the break times we get. It was also quite a pleasant surprise to see my secondary school friend there taking the same level exam (other levels took their exams at other venues  eg; JLPT 2 was at SMU). And so I end this section on the JLPT.

Violin Exam

Exactly 10 days after my JLPT exam was my violin exam. A little background, I have been playing the violin since primary 4 and it has since been roughly 10 years and I’m finally taking my grade 8 exam. Seems like I took quite awhile to get all the way to grade 8 now due to a combination of having short fingers and lack of practise =p. However, after this it seems as if there would be a few other career paths open to me so it has not been done in vain. But oh well, I don’t think I did very well for the exam with me being not very familiar with the scales and also giving quite alot of wrong answers for the aural portion of the exam… Even so, after reaching here, I think I’ll try picking up another instrument and start all over again. Probably a theremin =P.

Violin together with kagamin

1st and 2nd Food Posts AT THE SAME TIME

Whee and here begins the 1st of my food posts where I go around Singapore eating food recommended by anybody and give my own ratings! 1st up on the post, Katong Laksa.

I’m sure many Singaporeans have heard of this famous spinoff of the normal laksa. What makes Katong Laksa so different you ask? The laksa is made with the usual coconut milk-based gravy but with the noodles cut into smaller pieces such that the dish can be eaten with a spoon. Being able to eat with just the spoon cuts out the hassle of handling the smooth noodles with chopsticks and also allows the noodles to be eaten with a spoonful of the delightful gravy which is just awesome. It is said that the hawkers who used to sell laksa along the road at Katong did not have the proper permits, and ths to evade any police patrols as quickly as possible, they cut their noodles into small pieces such that it could be eaten with just a spoon and is easily cleared away for the hawkers to make their escape. As the Katong Laksa is a famous dish in Singapore, many stalls have popped up claiming to sell the original Katong Laksa. The stall I usually go to for my fix is located near Katong Mall, where there are 2 stalls selling Katong Laksa and it’s the stall with an air-conditioned dining area. The taste of the flavourful gravy, the cockles and the smooth noodles, slurped down in one mouthful is plain wonderful. I have yet to try the Laksa at the opposite stall but do look out for my review on it soon (maybe). I highly recommend anyone who hasn’t tried the dish to have a taste of this uniquely Singapore dish.

And for the second section, I will be reviewing 2 dishes from Lagoon Food Centre at East Coast Park. The Satay Beehoon (not sure which stall) and the Beef Kuay Teow (Lagoon Leng Kee Beef Kuay Teow).

Satay Beehoon

Beef Kuay Teow

I had the Beef Kuay Teow while another of my friend ate the Satay Beehoon, so I’ll review on the Kuay Teow 1st. The soup used in this stall has a pleasant herbal taste to it. The taste of the herbs wasn’t overpowering, nor was the taste too sweet or salty, unlike most of the other Beef Kuay Teow I’ve had. Getting the taste of the soup just right was a step in the right direction. However, the meat was a tad too tough for my liking (even with the chef meticulously splitting the meat so as to ensure it’s cooked evenly). The offals though, was cooked just right, each prepared separately such that it’s presented at the correct degree of being cooked. The Kuay Teow was also prepared properly such that they do not clump together and also not too soft. Overall, even though the meat was slightly tougher, the soup brought the whole dish together and this get the rating of 1 empty bowl (it’s abit expensive at $5 a bowl, it left me yearning for more).

1 empty bowl

I also tasted the Satay Beehoon which my friend had. It has a slight nutty taste in the gravy and the gravy was thick enough to stick to the beehoon. From that mouthful I tasted, I could tell that the taste of the gravy was just about right, the next step is just to get the dish myself and do a proper review haha. Other than that, I definitely recommend the 2 dishes which I tasted at the Lagoon Food Centre. Ah and the seafood there is a must try too. Though I have yet to try most of the stalls and thus can not yet come to a conclusion as to which stall I feel has the best dishes.

And so, I end my long pre-Cameron posts =P. Do look out for the upcoming picture spam from Cameron.


Ah. Yes. And a Merry Christmas to all the readers out there =D.

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