Project Diva Short and Simple Review, also, grab yours ASAP.

A day Two days late, but nonetheless, still an update >.> Alright fine, I admit I was too busy playing Project Diva to really care. But whatever, here goes.


Want to know a quick review of what Project Diva is like? Read more inside!

*The following post lacks actual game play footages, which will be supplied in another thread when the author gets his/her audio cables.

Project Diva has many unlockables songs, items and costumes. Some are really easy to get, while some are tedious as hell and will most definitely suck the life out of you just to obtain it.

But first, let us go through the list of songs that are available on Project Diva. The playable songs are separated into tags of different colours, namely pink, blue, orange, yellow, sky blue/cyan and white.

Pink Tag List (Ryo Package)

World is Mine
The Rebel
Love Is War
That One Second, In Slow Motion

Blue Tag (KZ Collaboration Package)

Far Away
Strobus Nights
Star Story
Last Night, Good Night

Orange Tag (OSTER Project Collaboration Package 1)

After the Rain, Sweet*Drops
Miracle Paint
Bad Temper Waltz
Dreaming Leaf

Yellow Tag (BORUTA Collaboration Package)

Song of the Magical Forest and Wilderness (Miku Version)
Song of the Magical Forest and Wilderness (Len Version)
Song of the Magical Forest and Wilderness (Rin Version)
Mikumiku kin nigo chuui
Song of Life (Miku Version)
Song of Life (Len Version)
Song of Life (Rin Version)

Sky Blue/Cyan Tag (Otomania Package)

The Secret Garden
Dear Cocoa Girls
Arabesque Velvet
Raburisuto koushin naka
Sakura no Ame -Standard Mix-

White Tag (OSTER Project Collaboration Package 2)

Levan Polkka
Your Diva
Electric Angel
The Dissapearance of Hatsune Miku
Requiem for Phantasma
Mikumikunishiteageru -Not Edition(?)-

Bonus Tracks

Rin rin rin tteshitekurin
Ike Koiuta
Thousand Year Musical Reqium
Yuugure Nosutaru Jikku Remix
Love it -Radio Edition-
Shooting Star Prolouge
Tell Me!! Lyric Magic

All the Bonus Soundtracks are non playable and is automatically available in Miku’s room. All Miku soundtracks can be unlocked by having Normal/Standard or Normal/Great generally. But for any Rin or Len version, you need to hit a specific combo to unlock it.

Music wise, some of them are specially made for Project Diva and each individual artist or groups are slowly releasing it to NicoVideo after Project Diva is available for purchase. Most of the soundtracks are good and many of them are old time favourites.


There is a large amount of costumes to be unlocked, 53 in fact. Luckily, some of my favourite costumes are easily available for grab, such as Plug-In and White Dress (Although this killed my gaming for Project Diva since the entire rhythm for Melt was stuck in my head)

I have only unlocked 14 of them, which is kind of good enough for me, since rhythm games aren’t exactly my thing. Since the list is so big, here’s a link to guide you through unlocking all the costumes if you don’t intend to find out yourself.

Link to Costume Guide

I really would like to show you guys some video game play, but I lack a 3.5mm audio cable for sound, so you might have to wait till I get my hands on one and show you a “No Miss or Safe” perfect Melt game play.

There are also too many accessories to be mention for decorating Miku’s room. Was too lazy to count, but definitely more than 50. Majority of them are unlocked by clearing a stage with extremely high accuracy and or completing a stage with a specific minimum score, so good luck trying.

Oh, we all know why I whole heartedly enjoyed you play Project Diva…

Anyway, moving on. Game play wise, it is relatively easy. After all, what can be so hard about a rhythm game that only uses 4 symbol buttons?

Wrong! This game is like a vacuum that drains your soul and leave you sobbing at how much you suck for not completing a stage! 4 buttons is indeed easy to play with. But with a video background and the symbol destination appearing out of nowhere with some super fast and some super slow…You get confused easily, especially when you look at some part of the PV where you can almost see her panties want to preview the PVs.

So eat tons of carrots and fish to save your eyes from burning out, if your eyesight is as weak as a particular someone who complained to me that he would go blind if he continued to play it…*Hints*

PV wise, however, was rather disappointing. Some of the PV sucks to the core where it would be better if Miku stop acting as if she was high on drugs and or move in scenes that would have been perfect if she had stood still. Generally still okay, but the sucky ones are World Is Mine and Strobus Night…And others which I forgotten. The only good ones are Moon, Last Night Good Night, Love is War and The Secret Garden.

So all in all, here are my general scores for Hatsune Miku -Project Diva-

Game play : 7/10 (Though ungodly and evil, it’s rather entertaining)
Music : 9/10 (Get rid of Levan Polkka, dammit!)
Animation : 6/10
Replay Value : 8/10 (Most Rhythm Games are fun to repeat, this is no exception)

After Reports

Well, after the release of Project Diva, some fans started planning for Kagamine Rin -Project Diva-, by drawing costumes and naming possible soundtracks.


If you had been following the vocaloid updates available on the watcher we have on NotCliche, you would have noticed most of them are old time favourite costumes from some of the best Kagamine Rin’s PV.

Would Sega make Kagamine Rin -Project Diva- if Hatsune Miku -Project Diva- is successful? Time will tell, and hopefully, they will.

Oh, and if you are interested in supporting Sega for their fine work, you might want to purchase Project Diva through this link.


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