Project Diva update 27/5/2009

Sega released a new video today featuring the gameplay and the game editor function for Project Diva. Sadly, I cannot find it on youtube and well, not even on nicovideo as of yet. I guess there are really no fanatics that rip videos off the moment it came out for less than an hour…


Today’s update mainly involve 6 new costumes, so do take a look inside!


Featuring from left to right.

Titled [Galaxy], original art by Hikeshi

Titled [Kosu An] which is Plan Cost? The hell? Either way, the original art is by Wadaka

Titled [VN02], original art by Nagimiso
Alternatively, Nagimiso can be found at PIAPRO




Featuring from left to right

Titled [chai nakosu], original art by Shinryo
Alternatively, Shinryo can be found in PIAPRO

Titled [DIVA], original art by stone king

Titled [Hantoo Hantaa], original art by chrysopa
Alternatively, chrysopa can be found at PIAPRO

Well, that’s another six costume to the list of 39. For those that really want to see the video that was released today, catch it at Sega Miku.

Well, that’s it for now. Stay tune for more vocaloid goodies when I am not lazy or being hounded by some idiot name Netto again. See you all next time!

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