PS3 Bolsters It’s Ranks With More RPG Games, Xbox Sees Tough Times Ahead

Not too far now, Sony!

One of the PS3’s primary weakness is the relatively weak game library it has in it’s arsenal. Probably also one of the major reasons why people shunned away the PS3 in favour for the Xbox 360 which has more games and variety over the former.

However, it seems with the introduction of the PS3 Slim, Sony is really picking up speed now, seeing that more and more games (especially the RPG genre which the PS2 was so popular for) are getting released for the PS3!

In the next 3 months, it seems that the PS3 will be flooded with jRPGs, as Final Fantasy 13, End of Eternity, Ar Tonelico 3 and Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope will be making their appearance on the PS3 platform as we go along the 3 months. If 4 RPGs aren’t enough for you, Last Rebellion (yet another jRPG game) has been announced and will be making an appearance next year January.

Indeed, it seems that the Xbox 360 will be having some tough times ahead, seeing that there’s more reasons for people to jump ship over to the Playstation 3 now. Like I’ve mentioned above, one of the PS3’s greatest weakness has just to be the lack of games. However, it seems that the PS3 is getting more and more games these days, and this might just convince more people to join the PS3 side… at least more people in Japan, that is.

But still, we can’t dismiss the fact that the PS3 is getting more and more interesting by the months, seeing that Sony is really working towards the success of their own console. The sales volume of the PS3 Slim does mean something, and the amount of games that are being churned out every month does show something.

The 360, on the other hand, isn’t performing as well as the PS3 as there’s barely anything announced for it in the coming months. And the loss of exclusives isn’t exactly the best of news for the system too.

But even with all of these upcoming games for the PS3, there are still several problems that the PS3 must address before people are totally convinced that the PS3 is the console for them. Bayonetta, one of the latest multiplatform game has proven that the Xbox 360 is clearly superior than it’s PS3 counterpart. Then again, who knows, maybe we’ll see Sony dominating the console market again.

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