PS3 Slim: Real Or Real Fake?


What do you think? A real PS3 Slim or a fake one?

While the shaky recording barely tells us anything about the genuinity of the console itself, there has been talks about if it’s real or fake. Upon a closer look on the video, the design for the “PS3” Slim looks strikingly similar to the one that Sony had revealed.

Of course, that is not enough to say that it’s real. There’s too many counterfeit “Playstations” running around the market these days.

However, some of the things that we can consider from the video:

  • Isn’t it too troublesome for the pirates to fit 2 USB ports there, even if it’s for show?
  • The whole casing for the “PS3” looks kind of real to me.
  • Some guy claimed that he interviewed the owner (of the stall), and the owner says that it’s real.
  • PS3 Slims are to be released in Japan early July. We’re almost at the end of July, so it’s rather probable.

But then, there are several other factors that are rather discouraging about the genuinity of the video:

  • The video’s not clear. Shaky and stuffs like that.
  • Piracy is everywhere. It’s difficult to know if you’re actually getting the real deal or not.

I don’t really know which one to think. However, what we do know is that the PS3 Slim will be coming… although we don’t know when it’ll be arriving at the shores of the oh-so-many-people who are waiting for it.

Via: Kotaku.

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