PS3’s OtherOS Removal Might Affect US Air Force

Considering the massive processing power a PS3 has in a single unit, it should come as no surprise when big corporates or organization like the US Air Force would utilize a whole bunch of PS3 to process and research data, right? Apparently, Sony’s decision to remove OtherOS from their PS3 console system in one of the firmware update will pose huge problems to the US Air Force in the near future.

The good news is that the Air Force’s PS3s isn’t connected to the PSN and does not need any updates. Sounds good so far, but what happens when the console breaks down or needs repairs? It would be extremely difficult for the Air Force to procure some “untouched” PS3 out there. The Air Force had expressed it’s apparent disappointment with Sony and is aware of all the lawsuits that are flying everywhere with regards to the OtherOS removal.

Wished one of them belongs to you?

Considering the whole 2000 units strong PS3 “supercomputer” rig is just built up a few months ago, the OtherOS removal from the PS3 is really a huge blow to the Air Force, who primarily uses the set up to do research. It’s not just the Air Force who had received the short end of the stick, as many other academic institution that uses the same PS3 set-up (albeit smaller in size) to study and observe scientific theories were also affected by the removal of OtherOS.

Looks like Sony’s decision to remove OtherOS (reason to curb piracy) isn’t turning out so well after all. With so many people depending on the console’s awesome processing power to do calculation (at a significantly cheaper price), the OtherOS removal is not to be taken lightly. Who knows, maybe Sony will reverse the whole OtherOS removal by adding a firmware update that allows Linux to be installed again?

If not, people might need to rely on a single team/person to get their Linux working again in the near future…

Via: Ars Technica.

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