PSN Restortation Is Now In Progress

Sony has recently announced that they have started their Playstation Network restoration process. Looks like players would not have to wait until the dreaded 31th of May to get their hands itchy on the PSN!

Restoration process, like last time, is mentioned to be region-by-region. If you played your PS3 recently, you might also notice that there’s a firmware with a version number of 3.61 and would allow you to change your PSN password.

Kazuo Hirai, CEO of Sony has also released a video mentioning about Sony’s future plans for the PSN, such as increased security, additional layers of protection and etc. He also apologizes for all the inconvenience caused by the outage and also highlights the “Welcome Back” package, which he is confident that will get players back into using PSN.

If you’re interested in the process of your PSN service returning, you can check out the US PSN Blog, or the EU PSN Blog for the latest updates about PSN’s status in your region.

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