PSN Will Offer Paid Services In The Near Future

One great thing that the Playstation 3 has is definitely the free usage of PSN (playstation network), which allows all PS3 owners to get online to have a great multiplayer experience with many players all over the world. Microsoft’s Xbox 360, however, would require their owners to buy a “gold” membership to have access to these “online gaming component” and it’s probably one of the reasons why people would prefer having a PS3 over a Xbox 360.

However, a paid subscription might come into effect in the near future and Sony Europe president Andrew House gives a little insight on the plans for the paid subscription.

While answering during a Q&A session on the UK Playstation site, House talks about the upcoming paid services PSN. Although it’s still vague, it is more or less confirmed that PSN will be offering a premium (paid) service to sit alongside with the current free service and that the objective have not changed since it’s consideration several months ago.

He went on saying that the premium service will not affect the current free service, as whatever is being offered in the free service will remain as it is. Asides from that, House didn’t mention anymore features that the premium PSN will offer, so that is probably left to our own imagination. Who knows, maybe all the community features that you thought were missing from the PSN could be made available in the premium pack!

No word on when the premium service’s specifics will be announced, although there’s a good bet that something will be announced at the upcoming E3. Keep you fingers crossed!

Via: Joystiq.

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