Put Your Vita In These

One of the many ‘cases’ or something like that.

Yes, the PlayStation Vita has a beautiful OLED screen, but you don’t chuck your Vita in your backpack or your pocket, do you? Well then, you have to put them in this PS Vita Pouch! Or you can call it a case… like the one up there!

Today, Sony revealed that there are white and blue carrying pouches(looks like… a spectacle case or something like that to me!), as well as the leather cases, in black(the one up there is the leather one) and white which will come with a leather strap. The pouches are priced at 1,800 yen($23 USD) and the leather cases, 4,000 yen($52 USD).

All the cases as mentioned in the post will be available when the PlayStation Vita launches in Japan on 17 December.



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