Ragnarok Online 2 First Impressions

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Been testing out Ragnarok Online 2 these few days. Rins told me about a particular server that already has RO2 running, and was playable already.

So, I thought, why not join in?

And so I did.

First things first. Ragnarok Online 2 isn’t officially released yet. Hell, even the Korean Version is still under testing. I’ve got no idea how this hoster got their files, and I’m not exactly interested into knowing how/why did he/she got it. Basically, this post will serve as a platform for you readers to know how RO2 will be like.

There had been many changes in RO2, if you’ve been checking the news of RO2 since sometime ago. It’s official that many of the starting classes would have a complete revamp, such as the Archer will be changed into the Recruit. Instead of only having one single race, there will be three different race, and all will have different playing styles.

For now, this particular server only provides the first race, the human race, or as the game calls it, the Nomad Race. They are the only race that fields Recruits at the moment. Not much is known about the others races though.

RO2 is completely in 3D. That means you’ll probably expect some difficulty in adjusting to the 3D Environment if you’re a regular RO player.

Although the choices aren’t much now, there is still plenty of areas that you can explore.

Of course, lots of people would agree that 3D might not deliver the same level of “cuteness” as what 2D can give, but I assure you, RO2 does have a nice blend of 3D and 2D Cuteness!

Familiar cities like Prontera has been given a whole new revamp. See for yourself.

There isn’t much to explore to be honest. The server only opens up 4 cities for the players to try, and the only “familiar” city is Prontera, which is not exactly familiar at all. All the other towns have disappeared in RO2, and it’s not sure that if they will make a reappearance in the game itself.

However, the good news is that all our favourite classic monsters are in the game! However, it seems like our cute little pink jelly has a liking to a tree… or something.

Don’t expect Porings to be a pushover now. They are Lv14, and they can easily rack up 100 damage on you if you’re not careful.

Some of the game mechanics have been changed too, such as the looting system. You would remember the time where everyone rushed towards the mobs and started to loot by clicking non-stop. I’ve personally spoilt a few mice these way, yeah, I was a hardcore RO player ;D.

In some sense, RO2’s control can be considered as modern nowadays. They’ve followed the more recent control style of playing in MMO, which is using the WASD buttons. Although clicking is still available for the user to use, WASD movement is highly recommended, because you can have an easier time moving your character via the WASD controls.

NPC interaction has been improved too. If you played RO before, you would notice that a textbox would pop up whenever you click on the NPC. It works the same here too, except with a little extra.

While talking to the NPC, you’ll engage in a 1-1 conversation, like how you would talk to a person face to face. There will be a set animation on the NPC that you’re talking to, and the NPC will perform that particular action whenever you talk to him/her.

Oh, pardon the bad sentence structures. The server uses the korean client, and obviously, they don’t have a proper translator… and we know how bad google/babelfish translators are.

That’s it for the first impressions! More information will come along the way once I’ve explored more of RO2!

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