Ragnarok Online 2: “Legend Of The Second” Revives The Traditional RO Feeling

After months and years of stale news, Ragnarok Online 2 seems to be a project on an indefinite hold. With progress going on and on for Ragnarok Online 1, many people had come to the conclusion that RO2 has been somewhat abandoned by Gravity and that it will never see light after it’s initial beta launch.

That’s somewhat true, as Ragnarok Online 2: The Gate of The World is now more or less cancelled, as Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of The Second is set to take the MMO world by storm, much like how Ragnarok Online did!

What’s so different in the “Legend of The Second” then? For starters, the game has went through a complete overhaul. Whatever you had remembered and saw in the previous Ragnarok Online 2 is effectively cancelled and gone. In order to get an idea of the game better, it would be best if you can refer yourself to Ragnarok Online 1 itself.

Yes, that’s because Ragnarok Online 2 is finally moving back to it’s roots. Starting from basic, being a true sequel, as they say. The race system, weapon binding system, different classes and all those are all gone; RO2 is now using back the same classes and concept they had back then in RO1!

Concept arts for RO2 shows that all the classes that we know and love are making a return (with the exception of Merchant for some reasons). Even the second job of each class has some kind of concept art tied to it, as certain screens have already shown the existence of Crusaders (who is called Warrior now) and Priests. Of course, RO2 will feature several new features to the game such as Lifestyle classes (dual class which allows players to do something extra), so for those who think RO2 is RO1.5, you might want to think twice.

Classic monsters are still returning to the game too. Monsters such as Poring, Lunatic, Rockers and many more are returning to the game as a 3D model, alongside with a variety of new monsters. This retains both the new and old feeling that Gravity probably wants to communicate through their game, and I’m pretty sure it would be nice to see some new additional into the Poring family!


The new RO2 still uses the same art style as the previous RO2, so there isn’t much of a chance when it comes to how the models looks like. While Gravity has entirely scrapped the whole races concept of the game, the models of the new RO2 still somehow gives you that previous RO2 vibe. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, seeing that the game looks pretty awesome. Just imagine all the 3D effects of the game!

The Closed Beta for Ragnarok Online 2 has started off in Korea since 31st August. For more information regarding the game itself (provided you can read korean), you might want to drop by the RO2’s official website for more information! If you’ve got an RO2 Closed Beta account, you might want to claim yourself an account for the new RO2 now!

Visiting Glast Heim in glorious 3D and awesome music accompanying it? Sign me up!

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