Ragnarok Online Getting a PSP Game

Also mentioned in the recent preview from the table of contents of the upcoming issue of Famitsu, it seems like the Ragnarok Online craze has yet to die down in Japan. GungHo Online Entertainment, the makers of Ragnarok DS is now making it’s way onto the PSP platform with Ragnarok PSP.

Screenshot from Ragnarok DS.

Named Ragnarok: Imperial Princess of Light and Darkness, the game is set in the world of Ragnarok (and of course, Ragnarok Online) with many features similar to the game itself. If you’ve played Ragnarok DS before, then the PSP version should not come as a stranger to you. However, the gameplay might differ greatly from the RPG gameplay Ragnarok Online and DS had provided, seeing how the PSP is labeled as a “strategy RPG“.

In addition to GungHo Online Entertainment working on the game, they are working together with 2 other companies that are well-versed in the area of games development. Famitsu lists Apollo Soft and Chime as the developers for Ragnarok PSP and both companies had worked on Blue Rose, a PSP game from Nippon Ichi back in 2010.


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