Raining Days, admist the sound of Vocaloid Music

I am pretty sure some of you have already knew about the [Ame no Kietsu] event at Anime News Network, but just in case for didn’t know, it’s basically a compilation of Vocaloid Music that have something to do with rain for June to July, whereas it is a rainy season for Japan.

The event was organized by KarenT Network of PIAPRO and you can get each of these soundtrack for a small fee at various website, some of which are introduced later.

Personally, there are only three songs that interest me in the entire compilation. And they are [My Rain /マイレイン] by Shark/JesusP/ じーざすP, [Rain*Sweet*Umbrella] by U-SkeP and [Hecto-Pastel/ヘクトパステル] by TawashiP/束子P.

Sad to say, TawashiP don’t post his works online anymore, but rather, just do Albums and PVs for others. So for those of you there with some good friends out there that share out works for free, good luck finding [Hecto-Pastel]!

[My Rain] by Shark/JesusP is actually the best out of the compilation…Well, for me that is. And here’s the video to go along with it!

iFrame Link

I know the PV isn’t up to expectation, but who cares? Actually, I should have done this video post long ago, but I was lazy so didn’t really cared XD

And now [Rain*Sweet*Umbrella] by U-SkeP!

iFrame Link

Same as [My Rain], I was just too lazy to bothered posting XD God, it took me ages to find these in my list ._. But by the time I found them, I was wondering why I didn’t search through Nico Nico Douga in the first place, much faster >_< If you really feel like supporting these artist, go buy their songs. Most of them are slightly more than a dollar, if you don't mind. As for me...Well, I shall consider =3

If you’re interested in grabbing a few songs, you can always head down to HearJapan or KarenT PIAPRO if you know Japanese.

In fact, this post was made in gratitude to HearJapan for their Press Release to NotCliche. To a small blog like NotCliche, to get this kind of attention, even if the news was a week old, is actually an achievement for us!

If HearJapan and other websites continue to give us a chance, NotCliche might even do Vocaloid Albums introduction next time! (I am like, too lazy to really care as well. I have tons of them, but…Oh well.)

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