“Rapelay” Whips Up A Storm In Japan


One of the promotional pictures for the game itself.

Illusion is probably one of the most well-known eroge creator in Japan. Famous for their 3D eroges, Illusion has also developed “Rapelay” which  is causing up a storm in Japan due to complaints from US rights campaigners.

The campaigners are hoping to achieve “against rape simulator games and the normalisation of sexual violence in Japan”. They are also hoping that “Rapelay” will be banned in Japan too.

Illusion Spokesperson had commented that they were simply “bewildered by the move” and that they ” makes games for the domestic market and abide by laws in Japan”. The company has also commented that the campaign to have the game banned in Japan was pointless, since it’s perfectly legal in Japan.

However, the game has also appeared on Amazon, and was only recently taken down. There had been no comments about the product being available on Amazon from either side.

The game has also seemingly disappeared from Illusion’s website, and publishers have stated that the game is no longer in production.

If “Rapelay” is causing such a storm, I wonder what will happen to the rest of the eroges out there.

Source: Kotaku & The Inqurier.

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