Oh well, doing a really short post to distract me abit from the work I have to do… =.=

Brought Danightmare down to KKnM on friday to get his Konata Figma (10% member discount ftw), and we also walked to chinatown to check out a shop selling cosplay costumes. Along the way from Sunshine Plaza to Chinatown, I spotted this graffiti.


For those who have no idea, watch this oscar winning short animation, Rejected. It’s not really supposed to make any sense, just plain randomness and awesome techniques. And after a 30 minute walk, we arrive at Singapore Handicraft Centre in Chinatown.


The building is hardly separated by floors. There’s a giant spiral with shops located on the outside ring and the cosplay store “Pan-in-the-Box” is roughly where the second floor is in any conventional shopping mall.


For people who have been thinking of cosplaying and have no idea where to start from, buying your costumes premade is the easiest way to start ( but not too kind on the wallet =X ). Most of the costumes they have available are maid costumes and also costumes from shounen jump titles ( Hitman Reborn, Bleach, Naruto ). They also have a selection of bags with anime characters printed on it. Ok, end of procrastination. Back to work >.<

And sorry for the lousy pics. All taken with my handphone camera. Which isn’t very good.

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