Retro EOY ’08 Event!

In just a few days, Retro EOY 08 will be starting at Singapore Expo!

Some information about this particular event:

  • Venue: Singapore Expo Conference Halls A – F
  • Date: 13th December (Saturday!)
  • Time: 11am to 7pm
  • Admission Fee: SGD12 for the public

Setting the “technical” information aside, some of the features of EOY 08 is that there will be a huge variety of niche of interests there. Some of the examples are cosplays, anime, manga, dollifies and much more. The event’s focus is Japanese Animation and it’s sub genres, such as cosplaying, manga, anime etc, but doesn’t mean that they are limited to that.

The event also showcases J-Rock, Gothic Lolita (no, not lolis!), Western Animations and the stuffs like that.

Seems like this event will be kind of big, in comparsion to what we are used down here. According to the FAQ posted on the website, special care has been taken so that photographers could get the best environment for their photo-taking… so snap away (although you have to ask the permission from the cosplayers… and the works)!

From what I gather, attendees will be able to see some of the best cosplaying at the event, as well as some of the most *coughs*attractive*coughs* ones from AFA08… that is, if you’ve missed them. (Oh god, I feel so bad saying that…)

As their listing of rules and FAQ is kind of long, it’ll be too much of a read for viewers to look through… so I’ll leave the link to you guys to check out the event itself.

However, I won’t be to attend as I’ve spend too much money on AFA08 due to work. Oh well, working comes before, you know… *sniffs*

For more information, please visit:

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