Reverse Engineer Claims That PS VITA Might Be Cracked Soon

A Texas-based student’s popularity has rocketed up because of one thing: he had made significant progress in the reverse engineering of the VITA and is currently developing a loader that would allow other developers to run unsigned codes. That means, once the loader’s ready, other homebrew developers would have the chance of running their software on the VITA without the need of authorization.

Reported by GiantBomb, reverse engineer Yifan Lu said that while he is currently working on the PS VITA loader, he has absolutely no intention of supporting the usage of his software for piracy. Granted, he acknowledges that there’s no guarantee that anyone else wouldn’t take his work for other means other than development purposes, but as far as he is concerned, Lu says that his work might be a “stepping stone for others” and that people who are in contact with him in the same field of expertise are also “against piracy”.

He had also said that while he can’t “stop it”, he promises that he will “never help it”.

“We can’t stop it, but I can promise that I will never help it. I made this metaphor before, but it’s like the invention of airplanes. They’re good for transportation, but somebody decided it can be used to drop bombs. But to prevent bombing cities, would it have been better if airplanes were never invented?”

There’s no solid proof of work from him yet, so Lu advises everyone not to start holding off firmware updates and all the likes. Between his unexpected announcement and the time of release, he said that anything could happen.

Sony’s response to this is unknown as of now, but it wouldn’t be surprising if Sony did some drastic action or demands Lu to cease his work.

Until Sony steps in, Lu will continue to work on the loader as a form of challenge and hobby for himself.

“If they tell me to stop, I will. I don’t have the time or resources to fight them. This is only a hobby.”

["The Engineer Behind Vita's First Big Exploit" -- GiantBomb]

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