Ridiculous Moments in Gaming – Resident Evil 5


Don’t mess with Chris Redfield.

There comes a time where you encounter something silly in a game.

You like playing horror games? I don’t. However, after trying Resident Evil 4 out, I’ve grown to like the series, even the classic Resident Evil back on the Playstation. So, when the new Resident Evil was announced and released, naturally I grabbed a copy of it.

If you can’t tell from the title, I’m talking about Resident Evil 5, made by Capcom and played on my Xbox 360.

Also, spoilers from this point onwards, so don’t blame me if you get spoiled. I highly suggest you play through the game before you click “More..”, unless you don’t plan on playing it.

I’ll even leave some space so you won’t end up looking at it accidentally.




< I’M NOT JOKING !!! >

In Resident Evil 5, you end up fighting Uroboros Wesker as either Chris Redfield or Sheva Alomar in a Volcano, depending on who you are controlling. I’ll be focusing on Chris’s part of the battle.

On a side note, how they can even manage fighting in a Volcano is beyond my understanding. Then again, this is a series about viruses, parasites and what not..

You basically begin the battle by running away from Wesker. In fact, even running away from him poses an issue as the battle is extremely scripted. But really, that’s besides the point.

You end up splitting up with Sheva and retreating while fighting off Wesker. You’ll reach a point where Wesker gets tired of chasing after you and goes to bother Sheva instead.

At this point, you are supposed to cover Sheva and clear a path for her to rejoin you. You’ll end up shooting Wesker to slow him down while she makes her way to your side. However, you find out that there’s a boulder blocking the path to reunification.


Look at the size of that thing!

As Chris, you have to run to the boulder and initiate a Quick Time Event where Chris moves the boulder out of the way. He starts to push the boulder but it doesn’t seem to budge.


You can see Wesker in the background if you look hard enough.

Chris then decides that pushing it won’t help, so he starts to punch the boulder.

And it’s not just one punch, he punches the heck out of it.


That face means it’s serious business.

He eventually uppercuts and rams the boulder into position for Sheva to cross over. Hyper Combo Finish !!


KO! Perfect!

I don’t think I even need to comment on this. Unlike Eternal Sonata’s “goats eat grass” scene, the boulder scene is a hot topic in forums and message boards related to Resident Evil. That should explain how ridiculous it is. In fact, there are people still trying to come up with logical theories on why Chris decided to punch the boulder‘s lights out.

Either it’s that ridiculous or it’s because it’s a newer mainstream game..

Chris VS Boulder Video

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