[Romeo to Cinderella], Choir version by various Nico Artist

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Remember the original [Romeo to Cinderella] by Doriko?

Not sure if you guys know, but it was quite a hit last year in April, reaching a total of 2 million hits a while back then. Well, I was lazy back then, so it wasn’t shown here on NotCliche XD

This particular song have many version sung by various Nico Artist, and all of them are good. For me, I only kept Hana-tan’s version on my list as I like her voice a lot. But roughly 21 hours ago, we have a new version of it. And this time, we have one with all the good artist together.

It seems like a collaboration work, with video done by some guy named HEKI, God knows who he is, but he have done a really good job!

Artist featured :
Reji (Mixi)
Yumo (Mixi)
Hana-tan (Nico)

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