Rumor: 3DS Hardware Redesign In The Cards

With the recent drop in price of the 3DS, Nintendo has already made it clear that they’ll have to take drastic steps to kickstart the portable. According a recent report, the system may soon be revamped with a second analog stick, focusing lesser on 3D as a gimmick, and perhaps it may be given another name. That’s according to a source speaking to a French site, 01net.

According to what the report says, the second analog stick function would come in a form of a $10 add-on. According to, one of the reasons for the recent drop of $80 in price is to clear out old stock.

Well, this whole thing may sound ridiculous, but remember, also reported correctly on the PS Vita and the Wii U before they were public acknowledged, so never be too early to dismiss the report itself from consideration.

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