Second Bout Of Troubles For PSN

Sony’s Playstation Network is still on it’s way onto recovery from the recent 3 weeks downtime and another round of troubles has hit them: the password reset system is seemingly compromised.

After the recent illegal intrusion on PSN several weeks back, it was mentioned that a huge amount of PSN account’s details could potentially be compromised and Sony had encouraged their users to immediately change their passwords once the service comes back online several days ago.

Now, according to various sources such as Nyleveia, Eurogamer, and NeoGAF, it seems that Sony’s password reset system has somehow backfired itself and an exploit (that is already fixed) regarding the system could potentially allow malicious users to reset the passwords of accounts that doesn’t belong to them.

Sony had already fixed the exploit and any accounts that had been compromised by this little exploit has already been contacted by Sony to have their password reset again. Minus the exploit, of course!

Take note that this whole incident is only applicable to the NA and EU side, considering how Asia’s PSN is not even up at the time of this posting. In some way or another… well, it could be somewhat of a good news for the guys whose PSN isn’t up yet, at least they don’t have to worry about this and that!


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